Westies in need

There are many reasons why a Westie may end up in need of a new home. Each Westie in care or a rescue service will have a story. Most will be adult dogs.

The majority of Westies arriving into homes or rescue centres are due to a change in family circumstances. Dogs are surrendered as they can no longer be cared for. This can be due to a bereavement, arrival of children, changes in home circumstances or a change in financial circumstances. They are often loved and have been well looked after.

Dogs are sometimes found as strays and handed to dog wardens. Unfortunately there are also heartbreaking situations where Westies have been rescued from unsuitable or appalling conditions including puppy farms.

Finding a Westie to rehome

Westies will occasionally be found in all breed dogs homes but in most instances they will be passed to a breed specific rescue service. When a Westie has been surrendered there will often be a detailed history given which helps rescue centres to rehome him. These dogs will be checked by a vet and offered for rehome quite quickly. Dogs are usually chipped, spayed or neutered, wormed and treated for fleas before being offered for adoption. Most Westie rescue centres don’t operate a ‘dogs home’ so Westies will usually be placed with a foster carer until they are ready for adoption.

Where no history is available the rescue service will take time to get to know the dog. A full medical screening will be carried out and any illness treated. Abandoned and ill treated dogs will often have medical conditions. Some conditions may be short term as a result of poor care but some may be more significant underlying ailments. Foster carers will support these dogs whilst they recover and will then work with potential adopters to find the best long term solution.

To discover how rewarding adopting a rescue Westie can be just visit any of the pages listed below to read heartwarming stories. The Dogs Trust, RSPCA and Battersea sites have lots of information about adoption and rehoming. Many Westies are adopted and rehomed every year.

Adopting a Rescue Westie

When you apply to adopt a Westie you will be asked to complete a detailed application form. You will usually have a home visit and will be asked to visit the dog before the adoption takes place. Whilst the questions may seem extensive the centres work hard to get the adoption right first time, no one wants a dog to be rehomed to an unsuitable environment.

When you adopt a Westie you are taking ownership of the dog and that includes all care and costs. Consider taking out insurance and registering with a local vet. To ensure a smooth transition check what food has been given and an idea of the daily routine.

If you have never owned a Westie before take time to learn about the breed. Westies are energetic, loving and loyal little dogs who thrive on affection. Offering an older Westie a forever home is likely to be extremely rewarding for you both!

Westie rescue

Fostering – Could you help?

There are several Westie rescue and rehoming services in the UK each of which uses foster carers. Fostering is different from adopting. You are not usually expected to pay for care and treatment whilst dogs are in foster care. Dogs may be unwell, or have been ill treated, they may be nervous or aggressive and require additional support whilst they settle into family life. Fostering is not usually long term but can be extremely rewarding. If you would like to consider fostering details can be found on each of the Westie Rescue pages shown below.

Westie Rescue Organisations: 

Westie Rescue Scheme, Westie Rescue UK, Westies in Need, UK Westie Rehoming

National Rescue Services:

RSPCA, The Dogs Trust  and Blue Cross

There are also many regional and local dogs homes that care for rescued dogs.